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East Fresno Kiwanis International One Day Event. Each and every Kiwanis Chapters around the world volunteer to help in their community. Meet our locals from Board of Supervisor -Sal Quintero office, East Fresno Kiwanis Volunteers of the Day. Meet Hiladgo Elementry volunteers. Hear why the love being K-Kids. Know your community! 
Wonderful Camp Sunshine putting smiles on our local children faces. Most have dealt with grownup issues and decisions. Cancer comes in different forms as young as a few months old. Meet their loving camp director, who as a yound girl had to come to grips with her little brother's cancer. 
Attorney Agnieszka M. Gill, Esq.
1824 Fulton St. #119
Fresno, CA 93721
Restraining Orders 
Domestic Violence
Work Place Violence 
Elder or Dependent Abuse
Civil Harassement
Learn where to find the forms, how to get help, when to file and/or ask someone to file a stay away order. 

Alieen Rizo's fights for Equal Pay
Since 1981, when the equal pay for equal work, I have waited for a pay raise. Employers know Women these days are not going to stop until they are totally equal!"
Alieen Rizo's personal fight to be paid correctly for her experience and degrees by Fresno Co Dept of Education. All Judges vote in her favor...women's favor!

Rosio De La Rosa Leon Velasco-Stoll is a Central Valley promoter, volunteer, liaison and promoter for the LGBT community. As his male identity, he works with many organizations such as Centro La Familia Advocacy Services Family Support Center, The Source LGBT, The Pink Panthers Movement, Fresno Police Department, to name a few.

Growing up, he was bullied and harrassed and counld not find any resources that could help him. He struggled to find his way through life alone. After struggling with his own identiy, Leon identified himself as Transgender and made it his mission to help others in the LGBT community to have a voice. His goal was to create and provide a multiude of servces for the LGBT community so that the prediduces and  struggles, for any kind of situation whether its bullying, hate crimes, equal rights, victimiazation, and discrimination of housing and employment would be disolved. Leon sits on the Advisory Board for the Fresno Police Department  representing the LGBT community issues.

He provides resources and knowledge at schools, carvials, parent conferences, resource fairs, churches, and anywhere that he is called for assistance. He provides an LGBT Resource guide for the Central Valley.

There are workshop training  for different subjects that discuss the following:

What to do when involved in a hate crime.
What's going on in the workplace?
How to fill out forms.
How to approach unisex bathrooms.
Learn LGBT symbolism and pronouns.
How can the community help?
The community agencies and organizations can display an LGBT rainbow sticker or flag, or a framed sign that says "Safe Zone" in their facilities.
If you would like to contact Leon Velasco-Stoll, you can find him on:

559-237-2961 En espanol

Pink Panters Movement Meeting:
Holistic Center - 4879 E Kings Canyon
Fresno, CA (Winery & Kings Canyon)
Every first Friday of the month at 6pm
"I am the voice for the voiceless"
Leon Velasco-Stoll / Rosio De La Rosa
Organizer, volunteer, Liaison, Promoter...
Rosio De La Rosa / Leon Velasco-Stoll LBGT Leadership at work!
Sheriff Margaret Mims
  U Street Chocolates  
Our Sheriff is a true Central California success story from a young 19 year-old single mom to our top female officer! In her own words listen to how she has worked for 38-years in her career in law enforcement. Understand how she cares about her fellow Central Californians well-being, safety and encourages families to apply for jobs/career opportunities with her department.
Rex has great rock climbing stories, plus is a local Chocolatier making Central California famous! Rex creates the BEST chocolates in California, using our fresh locally grown nuts...Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, etc.! Listen to how he wants to help and how deeply he cares about his fellow Central California neighbors!
Dr. Efema Nwaji DDS - ​A Beautiful Smile
Learn about Teresa' Baker's 37-year old husband diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Check out how they are LIV ing now and enjoying each minute they have together! Get to know how you can become a LIV member and start to enjoy top-of-the-line shows, Theater Arts, meet Sports & Entertainment stars with a LIV membership costing less than Netflix!
Dr. Efema Nwaji DDS has been practing for over 20 years. She wanted to get into the medical field to help the community. She specializes in General and Cosmetic  dentistry. At a Beautiful Smile, they offer preventivie servies such as invisalign teeth straightening, crowning, treatment of TMJ, and accidental emergency dental care.
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