Founder/CEOEdna Collins talks about Yo Soy! Media inc.
Yo Soy! Media Inc. is a Central California focused, collaborative magazine creating a vehicle for a ten-county wide community to share their cultural and authentic stories in a variety of languages. We are a low cost to no-cost digital magazine geared to collecting and presenting historic, business, philanthropic, volunteer, and local documentaries to the greater society. Stories are factual and informational to allow the world to know and understand the hearts of the people who call Central California their home!

A magazine for the People, About the People and by the People of Central California.

The Mission~ Our collaborative offers assistance and/or directs individuals to the proper resource or brings people together in our ten counties where the "media curious" can listen to others learning experiences, exchange ideas and find the know-how to create their own media mechanism.

The Purpose~ Influence those with original Central California "Grass Roots" stories to share how they, their family, business or volunteerism has made a contribution to our area. Yo Soy Media provides Yo Soy! a low or no-cost digital magazine for folks to share their pre-filmed or written all cultural inclusive authentic story. Yo Soy! accepts stories in any language spoken within Central California's ten counties.

The Why~ Our society no longer needs to depend on those with dollars and executive level reading skills to write inaccurate, unverified history according to their agenda. We have the freedom to report our own good news according to true facts from the people who have documents and pictures to prove they actually lived the history-making moment! We the people are the news!

The Reason~ You yourself can see our major television networks across the U.S. report the same story daily. Some are false, most are sad, negative, gossipy or just plain staged. We need to speak up and have our voice as the originators of this United States intended! They were volunteer original newsmakers! Tell the world we are here, real and ready to give them the "raw" actual truth of the matter!!!

​​ ​​The Now~ Yo Soy! Media Inc. has the opportunity to interview qualifying individuals using a professional film studio. Folks can make a request for our production crew to come out to their location to film them at an event, their business location or other locations. We are trying to be a self-sufficient nonprofit through the sale of filming, editing, recording podcast, translations, article writing, advertising, and photos.

The Future~ Shortly we will announce our FREE monthly meetup schedule. We will also reach out to other meetups to join forces in sharing information and perhaps the creation of original films about Central California. As our following grows we will offer paying members the ability to apply for various monetary aid packages. 

Offer~ We can help create a short film or learn how to do it yourself. Keep your pictures and history in the family. Allow your family to become involved in the process of documenting your families personal journey.


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Yo Soy! Media Inc.’s vision is to share information, tools, and skills in media and publishing, including filming, infographics, graphic arts, digital advertising, marketing creation and management of social media platforms through shadowing and volunteer work. As a result, we produce Yo Soy! Magazine which brings vibrant stories focusing on entrepreneurs, visionaries and community activists from the 10 counties that are known as the Central Valley.​​
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Work as a  volunteer to get hands on experience with filming, film editing, interviewing, bringing ideas to life and other administrative processes. Be confident someone is here to help you create a short film, AD or commercial... do it yourself! Start off with allowing your family to become involved in the process by documenting your families personal journey. 
Media, Connections, Community: Join Yo Soy as a member.

● NETWORK with rising talent!
● SAVE on media production costs!
● SHARE your skills and knowledge!

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Meet the Team
  1. Edna Collins
    Edna Collins
    We bring people together to support our local community through personalized storytelling. Tell your own using our method! We have created a low-no cost platform for Central Californians to document their past, present, future, personal, family, business or community contributions.
  2. Cinnamon Grooms
    Cinnamon Grooms
    Creates and manages the content and organization of a website, manages the computer server and technical programming aspects of a website.